The next generation in hair strength

Schauma as trusted brand for the entire family offers hair care solutions for every hair type, gender and age. 

Discover the technology behind the new Schauma formula with intensive-strength-protein for strong and healthy looking hair - the strongest Schauma ever!

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    More than 90% of the hair substance is based on proteins. But proteins are constantly lost through washing and between the hair washes due to damaging external effects such as sun light, blow drying or straightening heat. These influences have a negative impact on the inner hair structure and the outer hair surface.

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    The breakthrough in hair care - New 'Advanced-Protein-Refill-Technology' with additional Amino-Strength-Complex refills the hair with proteins lost over time. Special proteins as well as the amino acid Glycin penetrate the hair and fill the holes. The hair becomes stronger and intensively cared - for particular suppleness and shine with 100% strength!