Honey Elixir & Barbary Fig Oil Strength & Nourishing SHAMPOO


New Schauma Nature Moments Honey Elixir & Barbary Fig Oil Strength & Nourishing Shampoo from the trusted family brand is passing on hair care secrets infused with essences 100% from natural origins. For naturally beautiful hair from roots to tips! Dermatologically certified.

Honey Elixir is the precious treasure from nature, appreciated in beauty care for its nourishing and strengthening properties all over the world. Barbary Fig Oil, known to be rich in vitamins and fatty acids.

Hairtype: Brittle & fragile hair.

The yummy nourishing formula is designed for brittle & fragile hair.

  • It strengthens the hair structure,
  • Provides hair with essential nutrition,
  • Prevents from future damages.